by Marie-Christine d'Welles, published by Presses de la Renaissance

In her ongoing fight against drugs, Marie-Christine d'Welles has met more than 200 000 young people during her seminars throughout France. She has understood that they all want one thing for themselves and for those whom they love: happiness.

Thus she has gone in search people who, by how they live, by their profession, by their hobbies, etc, seem to possess it or to know how to give it. Starting from a reflection on what provides her with happiness, she has met people as different as a roofer, a violin-maker, a photographer and so on.

Are we going to find happiness with the (French) pianist Gabriel Tacchino, the opera director Alain Germain, the academic René de Obaldia, the prima ballerina Béatrice Herbout, the traveler-writer Sylvain Tesson, or the famous ice cream parlor Berthillon, and many more? Does happiness exist? In this optimistic and pedagogic book, everyone will find his own answer: WHAT IF HAPPINESS WAS INSIDE US...