0-03-tomislavI spent my childhood in a beautiful and harmonious family atmosphere, surrounded by love. My problems started when I was thirteen years old: after school, with some of my friends, we tried alcohol and marijuana for the first time: and that is when evil entered my life. At first, I hid what I was doing from my family and everyone else. I was convinced that I had discovered the real life and I spent my evenings going from one party to another: the fun never stopped. I decided as well: “If I smoke marijuana for my whole life, that’ll be it. I will never consume other drugs. I will never be a junkie like those I see on street corners”. Time passed and during the nighttime parties I tried synthetic drugs for the first time, and that is how heroin entered my life.
I was sure that I could quietly manage this evil that was bamboozling me.
Little by little, without my noticing, I became enslaved by evil. At the beginning, I succeeded in hiding everything from my parents, but then they discovered that they had a drug addicted son. At that moment a deep discord began between them: one wanted to help me one way and the other another. Me, I exploited the situation by often choosing to be with my father, because he had confidence in me and believed that in one way or another I would be able to save myself.
But over time, the situation worsened. The days were all the same, little by little I lost the confidence of everyone and I started to lose my dignity too. Nobody wanted anything to do with a drug addict. I tried to find the drug by whatever means necessary: I became capable of lying and stealing from anybody. Then I started to have trouble with the law too.
When I had truly hit bottom, my parents, no knowing what else to do, suggested the Community [Cenacolo].
I did the interviews painfully and I entered. The first month I didn’t know where I was, I was prey to great confusion and a great inner conflict. At that moment, it was very difficult for me to see the light. But after some time, courtesy of the guys who were already in the Community, I saw that there was a particular familial atmosphere, which enveloped me and which pushed me forward.
Everyone liked me and tried to help me. It was as if little by little I came out of a deep lethargy. There for the first time I saw the light even if I still found myself deep in a tunnel. The most difficult step for me was to uproot the lie and the wickedness of my heart by accepting me with all my weaknesses. I felt superior to others, I thought I didn’t need anyone, I imagined I was right. Because of that, I found myself always alone.
Happily, I met the guys at the Community, who through prayer were happy and fulfilled. I also understood that the only way out for me was to get down on my knees and pray to God for help: and so I started to pray.
At first it was difficult, I didn’t want to see the truth about me and I cursed God and the whole world. I’m one of those who need a lot of time to accept the love of God, to recognize that God loves me too. Today, I feel as if I’ve started a new chapter in my life. I have a heart full of hope born by living the true values of Life. I would like to thank the Community because they opened my way to the Lord, because they accepted me as I am and gave me the possibility to change my life.
I thank the brothers who welcomed me with the gift of true friendship that helped me say in the Community. Today, I no longer live my life for myself but for others and I want to give more still.”



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