Before speaking with the consumer, parents have to go onto our website

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Discussion with the young:

I know that you are a drug user, I ask you to go onto the website

As he/she will probably deny his consumption, tell him/her it is essential for him/ her to go onto the website. He/She knows that drugs are everywhere, that a number of his(her) friends are drug users. Drugs are a plague, a trap, a market which strikes today almost all families.

If I ask you to do this it is because I love you and because drugs kill many young people.


  • Speak in short sentences
  • In support of their arguments for drug consumption (a drug user always defends his drug), you should answer: this is you opinion but...
  • He will tell you: do not worry, I manage / I take it only rarely, only during parties, on holidays and I know how to not go too far. You will answer him/her that we never manage one's consumption of drugs. This is why it is prohibited by law. At the beginning, we take a joint during the holidays, after the weekend or during a party (holiday), then every day, then several times a day, then we change the dosage of cannabis (measured between 6 % and 35 % of THC), then we change drugs to obtain the same effects, the cannabis becomes the expectation drug which serves to calm one's fears, which helps falling asleep or not to commit suicide....but he or she has already added poppers or some cocaine, amphetamines or heroin. And the one who takes his/her cocaine, he or she "manages"!!! He or she is brilliant, succeeds very well until the day when he/she falls brutally and he/she happens to be in depression (which is normal since the consumption of any psychotropic drug - legal or illegal – brings about ill-being, depression, suicide thoughts).
  • You should tell that young: you are at the age where one can do everything: the best and the worst. It rests on you and you alone to choose if you want a life with drugs or without drugs, if you want to remain booby-trapped or be free of your acts.
  • You can stop: abstinence is the best solution. Abstinence = total stop of consumption without replacing by any other legal drugs (antidepressants, anxiolytics, sleeping drugs). The majority of the young stop this way.
  • It belongs to you and you alone to choose your camp:
    •  Refuse to be a drug user : to be free, to live your life, to make your choice, to realize your dreams, to work a job that you chose...
    •  Continue to be a drug user : to make choices dictated by drugs, to act in a way that you would never have approved when you did not consume, to be at the mercy of your dealers who will have no
       tolerance toward you. I love you and I do not want you to finish in the street. All drug addicts were brought one day to prostitute themselves or to act contrary to their will and their morals but nobody says it to the young who start "meddling" with drugs


Choose your own life: nobody can force you to stop and go back to a life of freedom without drugs.