Make Mothers Matter - Mouvement Mondial des Mères International

Enfance Sans Drogue is a member of the World Movement of Mothers


The International Narcotics Control Board

The International Narcotics Control Board (INCB) is the independent and quasi-judicial control organ monitoring the implementation of the United Nations drug control conventions. Their annual reports are very interesting.


A withdrawal center through complete abstinence - Cenacle community

Young men or women addicted to drugs who wish to enter are required to attend some preliminary meetings, during which they are made aware of the reality and the style of life of the Community, and where we verify their desire to change. This time is also spent in having the family take part in the action and in preparing the young person to enter the Community. After a few meetings, the young person is invited to spend some days in one of our Fraternities, and if he so desires, he is welcomed into the Community. There is no entry fee; each family freely contributes according to its capacity. We do not take in persons with psychological problems (schizophrenia, or serious mental disturbances): our experience during these years has taught us that we are not able to provide them the constant special medical aid that they need.


Center for withdrawal through total abstinence: San Patrigano

For more than 30 years San Patrignano has been a community which welcomes young men and women with drug problems, without ideological, social or religious discrimination. It is entirely free, no contribution is asked for from their families or the State.
Since 1978 the community has given refuge for over 20,000 people by providing them with lodgement, health and judicial aid, the chance to study, a solid professional training, the possibility to change their lives and a way to be part of society.
The proven results show a success rate of 73%.