"If there was a government that was interested in corrupting its citizens, it would only have to encourage the use of hashish ... hashish belongs to the class of solitary joy, it is for the miserable idler ... You are incapable of work and lack energy for action .. You throw your personality to the four winds of heaven and now you are unable to reassemble and concentrate them ... Hashish is a weapon for suicide".


"Balzac thought, without doubt, that there was no bigger shame nor suffering in life for man than the abdication of his will. I saw him one time at a meeting where there was a question on the prodigious effects of hashish. He listened and questioned with an amusing attention and vivacity ... The way of thinking shocked him greatly, inspite of himself. He was presented with dawamesk, he examined it, smelled it and returned it without touching it. The struggle between his almost childish curiosity and his repugnance at the abdication betrayed itself on his expressive face in a striking manner. The love of dignity prevailed."