LSD is a drug manufactured in a laboratory as an odorless and colorless liquid. It can be turned into a liquid, pills, capsules or blotting paper that melts against gums and damages teeth irrevocably. Images on the blotting paper are designed to appeal to young people (as a marketing strategy), these include Bart Simpson, the Lion King, Dogmatix ... Fashionable computer games can also be printed on them.

Synthetic drugs are very profitable for the manufacturers. They are manufactured close to where they are consumed and generate enormous profit.


infoEffects of LSD

"Acid shakes up the consumer's nervous system helping create a psychotic decompensation, which leads to a delirious high. It can also lead some people to mental illness. This decompensation can occur on a first trip or after several years of consumption.

A psychotic decompensation can bear serious damages to the mind of a person."

Professor Olievenstein


LSD can cause:

fleche schizophrenic episodes and hallucinations, which can lead to the user committing violent acts, or self-mutilating, throwing himself out of a window or committing suicide.

Tolerance to LSD builds up quickly. To achieve the same effect, the user must increase the dosage frequently (from the French Observatory on Drugs and Drug Addictions).

A trip lasts from 6 to 16 hours. A high number of consumers experience flashbacks which can happen at any time. This is a terrible experience, which leads to further anxiety and hallucinations. It can occur 1 month, 6 months, 1 year, 10 years after the initial take.

fleche Bad trip

The person is under the impression that he cannot escape from a nightmare full of demons.

The user may think that he can fly and jump out of a window.

The user assumes the person he is with is a monster and tries to escape by any means; murder or jumping out a window.


fleche"Permanently high"

High school pupils left us testimonies of "permanently high" or "whacked out" friends. One has to know that they talk about youth destroyed by LSD, by ecstasy or other drugs. They are found wandering in psychiatric hospitals for several years with varying names of mental illnesses. 


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Témoignage au sujet du trip LSD

"C'est un petit carré de 1 cm de côté où il y a de l'encre chimique qui te speede et tu tiens une nuit debout sans problème. T'as vraiment l'impression d'être autre part. J'en connais qu'ont fait des bad trips, des mauvais trips. C'est à dire qu'à la fin de l'effet, y'a redescente, ça fait mal au dos, à la nuque, c'est ce qu'on appelle descente."

Armand, 15 ans, milieu social médias et artistique, Paris