The best solution : ABSTINENCE


Every user can decide to stop taking drugs and start life over, free from psychotropic substances. Many young people have confided in us that they have managed to become drug free through will power alone.

Some drug addicts try to give up by using alternative substances known as drug therapy, that is to say replacing an illegal substance with a legal one (antidepressants, sleeping pills, anti-anxiety pills, neuroleptic drugs, Subutex,
Methadone...) As a result it can never be a real severance : the user still remains dependant on a psychotropic drug which modifies their behaviour.

The underlying problem hasn't been resolved; the user switches from an illegal drug use, a street drug, to a legal drug, a drug produced by a pharmaceutical drug company. Yet these drugs inevitably have multiple side effects, as well as inducing a feeling of depression, unhappiness, suicide.

Most drug addicts and their parents ignore the existence of abstinence centres in which the former users can regain a life free of all psychotropic drugs. These centres allow their patients to find a sense of freedom, body and mind, and to regain their dignity and self-esteem.


"We do not triumph over any drug by the drug. Drug substitutes are not a sufficient therapy, but rather a veiled form of abandonment in front of the problem..."

 Jean Paul II


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