This table lays out the common physical and mental effects of these 3 groups of drugs.

The effects depend on the sensitivity of the person as well as on the dose. They are unpredictable..

They can occur while taking the drug, orafter ceasing consumption., For these products stay in the body for a long time and they are stored in the body fat. They can be released from the tissues after physical or mental exertion.

Psychotropic drugs are biochemical poisons..
Psychotropic drugs poison the spirit
They cause MENTAL DISORDERS or make them worse.
Glandular system Infertility, erectile disfunction,impotence.
Dehydration, hyper-hydration.
Hypoglycemia, hyperglycemia.

fleche Diminishment of attention span and concentration.

flecheDrowsiness, insomnia.

flecheDeterioration of reflexes, poor coordination, loss of self-control.


flecheLoss of memory as well as the ability to learn and reasoning.

flecheLoss of willpower combined with a disinterest in and inability to act.


flecheAwareness of time and space is lost. The person does not know where he or she is.

flecheVision and taste are impaired.


flecheChanging emotions: paranoia, irritability, aggressiveness.

flecheSome impulses become irrepressible, especially to kill or to commit suicide


flecheLoss of the concept of right and wrong.

flecheConfusion and disassociation

flecheSchizophrenia and irresponsability


Central nervous system

Epilepsy, convulsions, tremor, vertigo, dizzy spells, headache, itching, anorexia, bulemia and so on ...

Digestive system Nausea, vomiting, diarrhée, constipation, hepatitis.
Cardio vascular system

High blood pressure, low blood pressure, heart attack, aneurysm, unexplained bleeding, heart palpitations, stroke

Système respiratoire  Pulmonary edema, respiratory depression.
Epidermus system  Rash, skin dryness, excessive sweating
Immune systerm

Allergic reactions, may be lethal.
Slow process of destruction of the immune defences, provoking at first an unexplained fatigue
then developing into several bacterial and viral infections
(flu, tuberculosis, respiratory infections, AIDS, abscess and so on) and ending up in total body exhaustion.


Drugs : to understand the effects


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