Volatile nitrites have similar effects to those of nitrous oxide. Moreover they can provoke panic attacks, heart palpitations and headaches. They are also responsible for deaths by anoxia. They are vasodilators frequently used to relax sphincter muscles. They are carcinogenic and provoke serious immune deficiencies.

This vasodilator is used as a medicine with high caution to treat patients with heart diseases and angina with coronary spasms.

It is very fashionable among homosexuals and used alone, with other drugs or Viagra. it can lead to cardio-vascular and pulmonary accidents.


More and more frequently school nurses and pupils report the use of poppers "for fun" by secondary pupils, male or female, who do not know anything about its dangerous effects.

It is sought after for its rapid whirling sensations. Poppers rises for a few seconds the mass of the brain -and all organs- which accounts for its psychedelic effects.

These young people do not know they put their life in great danger and cause their organs -brain, liver, lungs, heart, kidneys...- to age prematurely.

Numerous cases of lasting visual loss due to degradation of the photoreceptive cells of the retina are reported.



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