A cigarette of cannabis = 7 tobacco cigarettes, because of the tar and bronchodilation said Dr. CHAMAYOU in his thesis.

We also note in his thesis that:


  • Cannabis leads to an increase in cancer of the throat and lungs in the coming years.


  • For patients younger than 35 years all the subjects of head and neck cancer are smokers of cannabis.

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Look around you. You will be surprised to see that many young people are able to drink three or four glasses of alcohol without being the least bit "tipsy". Why? Because they have cannabis in the blood (stored for 30 days in fat) and they have to have a lot more alcohol than a person without cannabis to feel the same effects. Hence the consumption of spirits ...

This is a new phenomena. Young people are consuming alcohol in greater and greater quantities to enhance the effect of the drug. Alcohol can be called a potentializer.

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How do people die because of drugs?


Reports show that the rate of suicide in France is one of the highest in the European Union. France has the highest rate of suicides amongst youth aged from 15 to 24. Suicide is the primary cause of death in this group. [...]
Extract of a letter of the French Prime Minister (Jean-Pierre Raffarin) to the Minister of Health (Christine Boutin) on April 17th 2003.

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This is the phenomenon of "releasing". When one consumes cannabis, THC enters the blood circulation and provokes effects that are later sought by the user. THC is stored in the body fats from where it is released in case of stress or fear. Many road accidents can be explained this way.

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Malaise, depression and suicide are very often the consequences of consuming psychotropic drugs. It is estimated that the number of today's high school pupils consuming drugs occasionally is 70%. Most of them feel unwell because of drugs. During a consultation, a doctor should ask his patient if he uses drugs. His depression, his feeling unwell will be explained by their consumption. Instead of prescribing antidepressants or any other legal drugs, the doctor should advise his patient that he should begin by stopping his drug consumption.

If antidepressants, benzodiazepines or sleeping pills are added, the consumer will obviously be more drugged and he will feel worse and worse until he finds himself in a serious depression or at the psychiatrist's. This is what is happening more and more often today.

We more and more often hear about aggression amongst youth, of physical and verbal violence inside families, schools, society... Drugs provoke violence.

Enfance Sans Drogue demands that there is systematic research into illegal and legal drugs carried out in every case of aggression between youths or other individuals, as well as in suicide attempts and suicides, in order to enhance the link between violence and drug consumption.

The publishing of the results will enable us to be fully aware of the situation in our country.

In is enough no longer use drugs in order to be healed.

It is not an illness, nor is it inevitable.

Only abstinence should be prescribed.

No psychotropic drugs' effect is predictable and the stimulant, sedative and hallucinogenic effects of these products depend on the strength of the dose and the sensibility of each person. They all have multiple physical and mental effects which are unpredictable and dangerous, which the manufacturers call "secondary effects".

C'est quoi la drogue? by Marie-Christine d'Welles

Vitamins and minerals are as necessary to the body as water and food.

Drugs very rapidly burn a high number of vitamins and minerals. Hence those who take drugs have more difficulties in fighting against infections and other illnesses.

Drug-addicts often suffer from cramps because they do not have enough minerals.

Minerals are found in food and water, but drug consumers rapidly need them in high quantities.

They can be helped by being given vitamins and natural minerals.

Self harm is increasing and follows the curve of psychotropic drug use.

It is one of the many side effects of legal and illegal drugs.

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This is a new phenomenon. In order to increase the effects of drugs, youth consume more and more alcohol. Hence one could say that alcohol is a potentializer.

Alcohol is legal and accepted by parents. Young people are easily able to display bottles of alcohol while simultaneously hiding their consumption of drugs. Then the majority of parents think that youth consume a lot of alcohol. This is true but they do not know that most of the time, youth consume both alcohol and cannabis or alcohol and other drugs.

Dr Chamayou, an author of a PhD thesis called "The Dangers of Hashish: the last discoveries in science" quotes: "If a rat is given cannabis, he starts drinking alcohol, whereas without cannabis, he will not drink any."

Cannabis is a gateway to a high consumption of alcohol.

The lastest reports from the Observatoire Français des Drogues et des Toxicomanies (OFDT) have shown that France was amongst the countries which consumed the most narcotics in Europe. It is imperative that this behavior, which has grave consequences and mostly affects youth aged from 12 to 25 – (who make up 69% of daily users), should have an appropriate response.

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Poppers are very prevalent in highschools.

These young people, male and female, do not know they put their life in great danger and cause their organs -brain, liver, lungs, heart, kidneys...- to age prematurely.

Moreover numerous cases are reported of lasting visual loss due to degradation of the photoreceptive cells of the retina. See article Poppers

When you undergo surgery, it is absolutely essential that you inform the anesthetist which legal and illegal drugs you are using. Any anesthesia is performed thanks to legal psychotropic drugs. If the patient uses cannabis or any other drugs, the anesthetist will take it into account to prevent any potentialization of drugs, such a modification of the drugs' effects could be lethal. Anesthesia is always complicated and precise. Anesthetists study for a long time in order to control these poisons and save us from many risks.

Our teenagers must be aware of this, because it is not always possible to make a report before an anesthesia, eg. road accident, peritonitis, fainting or coma, emergency...

April 2013, Yacin Sid's father had just left the witness box. "Look at me, look at Pierre's family, you must tell the truth, they need it." Yacin replied "That is why I have decided to confess today." His father said "This wasn't how I raised you, you have to answer all the questions so the truth can be told." Yacin's father continued "He was a lovely boy, he was always around me, I called him my shadow".

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